Cul de Sac (7/28/08)

My family was asked to take care of a class guinea pig once, for an entire summer as I recall. Here’s the catch: the animals may be cute as all get-out, but they’re also quite boring. The average guinea pig does lots of sitting around and gnawing on wood chips, and precious little scurrying. What intrigues me about the animal in this strip, though, is its proportions. Judging by the size of its cage, it looks like this guinea pig is nothing but head.


One Response to “Cul de Sac (7/28/08)”

  1. Sycophantman Says:

    I’ve really started to fall in love with this strip.

    I was drawn my the drawing style right away, it’s very interesting and characteristic, but the jokes have really gotten me at times.

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