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Frazz (10/31/08)

October 31, 2008

Fahrenheit 451 is one of my favorite books – in fact it’s the first adult book I read as a teenager and its somber mood and romanticism made a big impression on me. In fact, my memories of that book are so strong that it’s hard for me to imagine a young boy embodying the tragically brain dead character of Mildred Montag, wife of “firefighter” Guy Montag. Even so, I appreciate the reference as part of the annual Frazz storyline in which this precocious student dresses as a character from classic literature.


Bizarro (10/30/08)

October 30, 2008

I’m a below average bowler myself, with an average somewhere around 120. On a bad night, I struggle to break 100. On a good night, I can get up to 140. Needless to say, I can identify with the czar in this strip, although I can’t help thinking a Russian sport would have been a more appropriate reference. Ivan the Terrible Ice Skater? Ivan the Terrible Hockey Player?

Red and Rover (10/29/08)

October 29, 2008

This isn’t a comic strip, it’s an instruction manual and like most instruction manuals it makes the job look easier than it is. While this strip shows water arcing out of the boy’s mouth as if from a fountain, the more likely result is a shower of spittle drenching the bathroom mirror.  Either that or a mouthful of water dribbling down the chin and soaking the pyjamas. If anything, this is a trick to try outdoors, not in confines of the family bathroom.

Sally Forth (10/28/08)

October 28, 2008

Not to be a prude or anything, but Halloween has become so sexualized in recent years that I’m not sure going as nudists would create much of a stir. On another note, with Halloween becoming an all-purpose excuse to flaunt, maybe we should consider moving it to the end of September. At least the weather would be warmer for those revelers who choose to wear conspicuously adult costumes. It would also make a neat bookend to the debauchery of spring break – an autumn break, if you will.

The Flying McCoys (10/27/08)

October 27, 2008

I bought a pumpkin at a suburban Chicago market last year and allowed it to sit on my table for several weeks. When I finally got around to carving the thing, I realized that it had rotted and very nearly stained the wood through the tablecloth. Needless to say, the pumpkin went in the garbage and I was out ten bucks. If only I’d have been offered and extended warranty…

La Cucarcha (10/26/08)

October 26, 2008

It’s the Sunday before Hallowwen, which means the comics page is littered with holiday jokes. But this strip stood out for me by managing to take a hackneyed sentiment (that Sarah Palin would make a scary President) and turn it into something fresh and interesting. The rendering of Palin, for example, is perfectly eerie, what with the “President” sash, sinister grin and lack of pupils. I also like the single-panel format, which usually comes across as lazy in a Sunday strip, but in this case does a nice job of enunciating the outsized horror on the faces of the fleeing characters.

Agnes (10/25/08)

October 25, 2008

I like butter and sugar as much as the next guy, but this is still a pretty vile recipe these girls have concocted. Even worse, it’s not far from some of the products that currently take up space on supermarket shelves. I can just imagine a malevolent manufacturer looking at this strip and thinking up new ways to exploit our cravings. Cookie dough is already a staple ingredient for ice cream, after all…can buttered sugar balls be far behind?