Scary Gary (4/3/09)


Some of us can be wildly imaginative when it comes to things we’d rather be doing. If we’re filing our personal income taxes, we’d rather be spearheading legislation to simplify the tax code. If we’re waiting in line at the DMV, we’d rather be rounding a sharp corner at the Indianapolis 500. If we’re watching an infomercial on speed-reading, we’d rather be writing the Great American Novel. But there’s a place for small dreams as well, as evidenced by the bug-eyed mystic in this strip. His disembodied spirit could be flying around Manhattan chasing after the unattainable, but he’s chosen to ask for another beer instead. Should he upgrade from a domestic bottle to an import, then the whole ordeal will serve as a valuable lesson for the mystic in appreciating that which is right in front of you.


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