Rose is Rose (4/28/09)


When I was in college, some friends of mine rented a three bedroom apartment across the street from the projects for $600 a month. The rooms were small and it was something of a hike from the train station, but it was also one of the epicenters of my college experience. I spent many an evening weaving from conversation to conversation inside that tiny apartment, sneaking out to the spacious back porch for fresh air when the crush of people made it difficult to hear, think or breathe. Most of my friends lived at home or in the dorms, which meant this charming gray-stone near campus was my one (admittedly vicarious) taste of independence. I can only imagine the freedom it must have afforded the 18- and 19-year-olds who forked over their hard-earned $200 every month to take up full-time residence.


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