Bizarro (5/8/09)

05-08-09 (Bizarro)

My exposure to SpongeBob SquarePants has been limited to random clips playing in the homes of people with children and a seemingly never-ending series of Burger King commercials. I’ve never seen a full episode of the show. But while I may not know a lot about SpongeBob, I do know my way around a dish sponge and can say with confidence that I would not hesitate to throw one away if it became so laden with bacteria that it grew a cartoon face and donned a tight-fitting pair of brown shorts. If I ever saw such a thing in my kitchen, I would have to assume there were some powerful microbes at work; either that or some powerful hallucinogens.


3 Responses to “Bizarro (5/8/09)”

  1. ben Says:

    Thanks for your diligent efforts in trying to make the comic less funny.

  2. I just discovered a new disease: SpongeBobaphobia - FlyerTalk Forums Says:

    […] This one has been on my refrigerator since the day it was in the paper. […]

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