Dog Eat Doug (5/16/09)

05-16-09 (Dog Eat Doug)

I spent the early part of this afternoon moving a few pieces of furniture from my grandfather’s house to my father’s apartment, a chore that required the type of large pickup truck typically used by landscapers and contractors. Since I don’t own a truck that large, I found myself renting one from a nearby home improvement store. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed that the vehicle towered above all of the cars and sport utility vehicles on the road, and that it was almost parallel to a city bus. Then I came across a smart car turning in front of me as I waited at a traffic light. The bright red buggy couldn’t have been bigger than the pickup truck’s wheel. I’m sure the vehicle gets great gas mileage, but I’m not sure I would feel safe driving around in something minute, metal and enclosed.

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