Chuckle Bros (6/17/09)

06-17-09 (Chuckle Bros)

06-17-09 (Chuckle Bros)

I got a kick (no pun intended) out of today’s Chuckle Bros., which shows a surgeon preparing to attach a tail to an anesthetized donkey using an improbably long pin. But the version I read this morning was the black and white strip above, which appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times. It was only after reading the color strip online that I realized there was dialogue involved. After going back to the newspaper strip, I noticed the same “pin…” line printed underneath the panel in plain text. The line was obscured by a random ink smudge, which explains why I missed it the first time around. I now think the line’s absence improves the strip considerably.


2 Responses to “Chuckle Bros (6/17/09)”

  1. funnyninjas Says:

    You sir, have a good site going here. Most of the newspaper comics are very poor, at least the ones that my paper chooses to publish. Seeing a site like this makes me happy and hopeful that newspaper comics aren’t doomed to a Walker and Hart ruled world.

    I will definitely come back to this site, RSS maybe.

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