Deflocked (6/21/09)

06-21-09 (Deflocked)

I’ve become accustomed to a certain amount of bitter irony on the comics page (and in culture in general) but today’s Deflocked still made me wince. I understand that a lot of fathers haven’t lived up to their responsibilities, but I also think it’s cruel to point that out on father’s day. My dad did pretty well by me as I was growing up, and there are a lot of other fathers who do right by their children today. Seeing a strip that casts a father’s role as worthless would undoubtedly take the wind out of their sails. So here’s hoping that the dads who take time to parent their children can take this strip with a grain of salt and that all the new and prospective dads out there can take it as a challenge, lest they end up like the estranged papa sheep.


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