Doonesbury (8/14/09)

08-14-09 (Doonesbury)

As a Cubs fan, I object vehemently to this strip. The facts don’t matter to us? I don’t know any Cubs fan whose sense of urgency isn’t fueled by the fact that the team hasn’t won the World Series in 100 years. We don’t deny this fact, and certainly have no desire to see the actual World Series trophies from 1909-2008 as proof that our team has been dismal. But instead of being bitter and disappointed, Cubs fans have shown a surprising amount of faith. We take pleasure in small victories and bite our fingernails to the bone in anticipation of something bigger. And despite the well-documented yahoos in our midst, the average Cubs fan tends to be optimistic and festive, words that don’t apply to those in the birther movement.


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