The Family Circus (8/27/09)

08-27-09 (Family Circus)

As a dedicated tea drinker, I can safely say that there is little to no stigma attached to not drinking coffee. I say this as someone who grew up in a house full of coffee addicts. My mother? Homemade coffee in a cup the size of your head. My father? A tall Starbucks to go. My grandmother? Multiple bags of Eight O’ Clock Coffee lining the top of the pantry. My grandfather? Dunkin’ Donuts medium decaf, cream and sugar with a senior discount. But even though I love the smell of the stuff, I’ve only had two cups of coffee in my life: one to try it and another to make sure I didn’t like it.


One Response to “The Family Circus (8/27/09)”

  1. Mary Galvez Says:

    I too like the “aroma” of coffee, and the taste…. Your comments brought back good memories of family –thanks!

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