Frazz (9/27/09)

09-27-09 (Frazz)

Although I’m more of a baseball fan, I pay some attention to football, especially at the beginning and end of the season. And as a casual fan, I understand why this comic strip, set in Michigan, didn’t cast its banged-up coach as a former member of the Detroit Lions. Despite their win earlier today, the Lions have become the laughing stock of the league after their winless season of a year ago. I’m not sure if Southern State is a real school, or if the Cherry Bowl is a real bowl game, but even if these two institutions are fake, they would still impart more prestige than a stint with the bottom-feeders of the NFL. Where have you gone, Barry Sanders?

By the way, I fully recognize the hypocrisy of dogging on the Lions while cheering for the Chicago Cubs. But after rooting for the underdog Cubs in baseball and the underdog Cavaliers in basketball, I find that my capacity for cheering on sad sacks has reached its natural limit.


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