Watch Your Head (10/5/09)

10-05-09 (Watch Your Head)

I don’t think it’s unusual for people to overreact to small things in their lives. For example, I have two sets of forks, one slightly smaller than the other, and I like to keep them separate in the utensil drawer. That way, it’s easier to grab a fork when it’s time to eat dinner. And I must admit that I get annoyed when the forks are thrown together in a disheveled manner. But I also realize that this is quite possibly the least consequential thing in the known universe and that it’s not worth getting worked up about. A neat utensil drawer (like a well placed desk lamp) can be a wonderful thing, but it’s hardly worth the trouble to turn it into a crusade.


One Response to “Watch Your Head (10/5/09)”

  1. cokealias Says:

    yo your funny is @+$@ crazy

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