FoxTrot and Pearls Before Swine (12/6/09)

Whenever I see a Sunday edition of Pearls Before Swine that concludes with Rat lecturing cartoonist Stephan Pastis, I know I’m in for some twisted linguistics. Years ago, that meant a simple set-up leading into some ridiculous rambling, along the lines of today’s FoxTrot. These days, the strip prefers impossibly convoluted set-ups that lead into awful, groan-worth puns. Today’s Pearls provides a perfect example.

As much as I like the puns, I also miss the rhythmic run-ons of years past. Here’s hoping there will be a place for both types of strips in the future.


2 Responses to “FoxTrot and Pearls Before Swine (12/6/09)”

  1. Sean Forsyth Says:

    I cut out the strip above and then went to google looking for what ‘pearls before swine’ is and landed here. Great minds think alike… Awesome website!

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