Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! (1/12/10)

Not that I’m counting on it, but perhaps this strip can bridge the gap between evolution and creationism. The two positions seem irreconcilable, but what if the Doughnut People evolved from lower pastries…that were themselves created by a divine baker? In other words, what if God created the earth in its initial state, populated it with lower life forms, imposed various natural laws, and then allowed things to evolve on their own? This “God as watchmaker” idea hasn’t eased tensions among humans, but maybe the Doughnut People can use it to create a spiritual consensus.


One Response to “Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! (1/12/10)”

  1. Space Hospital Says:

    Unfortunately, the “God as divine watchmaker” doesn’t generate enough dogma for people to justify killing each other over religious beliefs, so it’s probably not much use to most cultures. I prefer to think that humans simply evolved from lower pastries.

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