Red and Rover (1/28/10)

If I were a young boy, the idea of a huge dog standing at the foot of my bed and staring at me while I slept would make me ill at ease. In fact, the notion of a creepy, nocturnal dog monitoring my sleeping patterns gives me the willies even as an adult. My cat is five times smaller than the dog in this strip, but if I ever woke to find him standing at attention, studying me at my most vulnerable, I would be very concerned.


One Response to “Red and Rover (1/28/10)”

  1. Sunny Baine Says:

    Please help me get some more of these WONDROUS comic strips
    My faves are the ones about Red and Rover going to bed and Rover starts at the end of the bed but winds up at the top all tucked in. So precious.

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