Sally Forth (2/1/10)

As a new homeowner, I understand the subtle way in which this strip pines for a simpler time. Instead of saying, “Remember when we moved into our first house?” the man in this strip asks his wife, “Remember when we first moved into our house?” The notion of owning the same house for life sounds quaint in an era when widespread flipping of homes has given way to widespread foreclosures. Hopefully, our collective experience with out-of-control real estate prices will inspire us to see houses as dwellings first and long-term investments second. Hopefully, the jacked-up market of the past 15 years will go down as an aberration never to be repeated again.


One Response to “Sally Forth (2/1/10)”

  1. Broom Hilda (2/4/10) « The Daily Funnies Says:

    […] the risk of contradicting my statement that homes should be held onto for decades, I’m not sure I would feel comfortable purchasing real estate from its original owners. The […]

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