Pearls Before Swine (3/9/10)

There may not be a lot of dark sadness in a bowl of Corn Flakes, but the breakfast cereal has inspired some soulful music throughout the years. Well, it’s inspired at least one piece of soulful music. The Simon and Garfunkel classic Punky’s Dilemma tells of a man who yearns to be a flake: Wish I was a Kellogg’s Corn Flake / Floating in my bowl, taking movies / Relaxing awhile, living in style / Talking to a raisin who occasionally plays L.A. / Casually glancing at his toupee. The song goes on to celebrate English Muffins and boysenberry jam, but, strangely enough, its combination of mellow sounds and wistful vocals provide a perfect vehicle for the lyrics.


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