Beetle Bailey (3/11/10)

I gather we’re supposed to think less of the blonde-haired fellow in this strip because he’s suffering from a mean case of writer’s block. But to me, staring at a blank screen for a long period of time is not a sign of stupidity. If this soldier were truly stupid, he would pound away at his keyboard, churning out any old words he pleased. His e-mails would be rambling, incoherent, and full of spelling and grammatical errors. The fact that he’s pondering what to write before committing words to the screen is rare, and obviously not appreciated by a generation of peers who prefer acronyms and minutiae to complete thoughts and complete sentences.


2 Responses to “Beetle Bailey (3/11/10)”

  1. Kaiser, CA Says:

    I think Writer’s Block has less to do with what you want to say and more with how you want to say it, though.

    • Dixon Galvez-Searle Says:

      That’s interesting. My experience has been slightly different. There are times when I start out making one point and find that, as I tinker with the style of the writing, the point changes. This change can be subtle or dramatic, but I find that the act of writing helps me develop ideas as opposed to finding different ways of expressing a pre-determined idea. The search for the idea – through writing or, more often, staring at the computer screen – is what causes writer’s block for me. But then again, every writer is different.

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