Dustin (4/20/10)

When my wife and I first started dating, she asked me, point blank, whether it would bother me if she made more money than I did. The question was purely theoretical at the time, since both of us were toiling away at unpaid (or very nominally paid) internships. But I was still able to say, with complete honesty, that it would not bother me. My wife must have been psychic because today, seven years later, she makes considerably more than I do. We’re both writers, but she’s chosen the advertising field while I’ve chosen the not-for-profit field. The difference is about what you’d expect. That said, I’m happy to say that my original assessment has held up; I’m not perturbed by the gap between my income and hers because it’s only through our combined earnings that we’re able to pay the mortgage. We both contribute and we both value each other’s contributions, the same way we would if I were taking home the bigger paycheck.


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