Jump Start (4/27/10)

I’m no expert on comics coloring, but something seems awry in today’s Jump Start. The above strip, scanned from the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times, shows a black man talking to a white woman. (Or a light-skinned Latino woman, given that her name is Ruiz.) I clipped the strip because the way the woman was drawn in panel two made it look like she was wearing a mask. I thought that was a cool (if probably unintentional) effect. Then I went online and found the following version, in color:

It turned out the woman in the strip was dark-skinned, not light-skinned, which seemed to me to lessen the mask effect somewhat. (Generic masks are usually white, including many of those I saw on my recent trip to Venice.) But no biggie, I figured I would convert the image to grayscale and:

Okay, wait a minute. This image looks completely different from the one I saw in the newspaper. It appears that the woman’s face was lightened for publication, for reasons that escape me. Of course, the change in skin tone could be the result of human or mechanical error (although I’m not sure how that would be possible.) The whole thing seems pretty bizarre, but at least it resulted in a nifty Phantom of the Opera-type effect on the comics page.


One Response to “Jump Start (4/27/10)”

  1. Plastic Holder Says:

    i love classic operatic arias and Phantom Of The Opera is one of the best musical ~;:

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