Peanuts (6/6/10)

I’m breaking one of my cardinal rules by posting a Peanuts strip to this site. It’s not that I dislike Peanuts, it’s just that Charles Schulz has been dead since 2000 and no new strips have run since then. If I wanted to catch up with Snoopy and Charlie Brown, I would have ample opportunity to do so online, or in any of the dozens of published collections. The newspaper, I firmly believe, should be reserved for new strips drawn by living cartoonists…That said, today’s rerun of Peanuts caught my attention by reminding me of the anniversary of D-Day. Usually there are tributes leading up to June 6, but I don’t recall seeing any this year. Leave it to a deceased cartoonist, who was whisked away on a troop train himself shortly after his mother’s death, to remind me of the solemn occasion.


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