Spot the Frog (8/23/10)

When a man in a brown suit sullies himself in the mud…no, that’s not right…When a man in a red T-shirt sets himself on fire…that can’t be it, either…When a man in blue body paint jumps into the lake…um, I don’t think so…None of these things has the magical effect of a green animal blending into green scenery. Think of the number of creatures (grasshoppers, frogs, praying mantis’) that can camouflage themselves in the grass. We humans just can’t compete. Unless…When a man in gray pajamas stands next to a stainless steel refrigerator…nope, not even close.


2 Responses to “Spot the Frog (8/23/10)”

  1. mark heath Says:

    I love your alternate ideas. Wish I’d thought of them.

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