Cul de Sac (10/17/10)

Does my preferred brand of cereal tell a story? I’m sure it does, but considering the fact that I eat oatmeal every day, it’s probably a pretty boring story. I don’t even eat Quaker Oatmeal, so there’s no “jolly man in a black hat with white hair” tale to fall back on. There is, however, the tangential story of legions of fruit, sent from afar to spice up my bland microwave oats: the raisins, parched from their time in the sun; the pears, fresh from their tropical vacation; the brown sugar, huddled close to a slice of bread so as not get dehydrated; the blueberries, chilly from their time in the freezer. I’m sure my cereal itself tells the story of health claims that either have or have not been verified by the Food and Drug Administration, but that story pales in comparison to the battalions of toppings.


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