Sally Forth (10/18/10)

Once again, I’ve allowed Halloween to creep up on me without choosing a costume. My wife asked me what I was going to wear last week and the only thing I could think of was, “I dunno.” I realized that wasn’t the answer she was looking for. She was probably hoping for something clever, but having put zero thought into a costume, I had nothing. The options in this strip are pretty good, but they’re not really my style. Mega Man comes closest, but only if I could create a Mega Man / Blue Man Group mash-up, and that sounds complicated. (Maybe Mega Man could shoot marshmallows from his cannon?) Of course, Mayor McCheese is a pretty good option. Hmmm…


One Response to “Sally Forth (10/18/10)”

  1. Zero Says:

    Oooh Mega Man. XP

    I’m surprised that was mentioned. Maybe the author’s a Blue bomber fan in secret?

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