Bliss (10/21/10)

Everyone has proverbial skeletons in their closet. But literal skeletons? Those would be awkward. For one thing, they’d get in the way of the clothes. A suit coat is flat, but a skeleton, despite not having layers of muscle and skin to fill it out, is bulky. Skeletons are also creepy, whether they’re comprised of actual bones or whether they’re printed on flat sheets of paper that are designed to be hung on exterior doors. Sure, paper skeletons fit neatly into a closet, but imagine peering at a clothes rack and finding a dozen identical cut-outs. The experience would be jarring. Still, keeping skeletons in one’s closet is tamer than taking those skeletons out into the world, like the guy in this strip has. But let’s not jump to conclusions. Maybe he was inspired by Weekend at Bernies and started hauling his dead pal around until he decomposed…no…wait a minute…that’s much, much worse.


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