Sherman’s Lagoon (12/20/10)

There are two kinds of lemonade in the world: the kind that’s made from freshly squeezed lemons and refreshes a person on a hot summer day, and the kind that kills mice. I’ve always been a fan of the former, although I have been known to drink chemically enhanced “lemon-flavored drinks” from time to time. I’m not above ordering a yellow fountain drink at a hot dog stand or chugging from a pitcher at a backyard barbecue. But I try to steer clear of store-bought lemonade mix. Sure, the packets are cheap and the “lemonade” is easy to make, but it also tastes terrible; like a moist towelette wrung out into super-metallic tap water and mixed with artificial sweetener. Would it kill a mouse? Probably not, but do I really want to find out?


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