Luann (1/20/11)

The girl in this strip has all the typical attributes of a mean kid: a bossy attitude, black hair (think Lucy from Peanuts), and an affinity for grape jelly. Although I’m a fan of jam – my favorites include strawberry, apricot, and boysenberry – I simply can’t stomach the grape stuff. It’s bland at best, bitter and chalky at worst. If I were forced to choose my least favorite jams, I would rank it below mint jelly…and maybe even below marmalade. So how’s a person to placate a child who claims to love this vile foodstuff? Maybe the berated bookworm in this strip should read the real Grapes of Wrath to her. Who knows, it might inspire feeling of empathy, which might cause her to tone down some of her grape-flavored abrasiveness.


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