The Duplex (1/25/11)

When I was a teenager, I entertained the notion of becoming a lawyer. I’m glad I didn’t go that route, because if I had I’d either be (a) attending school, (b) looking for a job, (c) struggling to pay my student loans while working as a clerk, or (d) combing through case law to prove something inane like whether or not Rahm Emanuel is a Chicago resident. Yesterday, an Illinois appellate court ruled that Emanuel was not eligible to run for mayor in February because he will not have resided in the city for one year prior to the election. This, despite the fact that the state election code clearly states an elector (i.e. a voter) cannot lose his residency if he leaves on “business of the United States.” (Emanuel left town to serve as Chief of Staff to President Obama). As far as I can tell, the court ruled that while Emanuel remained a resident for the purposes of voting, he didn’t meet the stricter requirement of having “resided in” Chicago for the purposes of running for office. A “resident” who does not “reside?” Really?


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