Moderately Confused (1/31/11)

I must be part of a very small minority of iPhone users that doesn’t care about the alleged majesty of Verizon Wireless. Yes, I know, the iPhone will be available on that most infallible of networks in early February. Will it be nice to have a choice of carriers when my contract expires in 2012? Absolutely. Do I expect Verizon to be significantly better than AT&T in terms of call quality and mobile internet speed? Absolutely not. Forgive me for being insufficiently cynical, but I’ve dropped so few calls on my iPhone that I can’t remember the last time it happened. And while I’ve encountered data dead spots on my train ride home, they tend to pass quickly. So, no, I don’t have serious service problems that I’d like Verizon to solve. Now cost of service problems…that’s a different story.


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