Pearls Before Swine (2/26/11)

Coincidentally, today was my birthday too. What did I do to celebrate? Well, I woke up, ate breakfast, read the newspaper, and then scurried out of the house so my wife could prepare a surprise party for me. (I knew about the party, but was clueless about the theme.) I spent the next eight hours golfing at an indoor driving range, reading at a suburban Barnes & Noble, and drooling at a crowded Apple Store. I then strolled into my basement to find…a disco-themed roller skating party in full swing. Kudos to my wife for taking advantage of our unfinished basement, kudos to my friends for digging their rollerblades out of the closet, and extra kudos to my in-laws for sporting afro wigs, mullet wigs, and fake mustaches. Sweet.


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