Scary Gary (3/9/11)

I grew up by an expressway and thought nothing of it. As a child, I never worried about air pollution wafting through my house and making its way into my young lungs. But now that I’m an adult, I find myself fretting over the coal-fired power plant that was built one measly mile from my house. Whenever I take the bus in the morning, I see a set of twin smokestacks reaching into the sky, and more often than not, they’re billowing out smoke. Now I hear rumors that a racetrack in a nearby suburb may close its doors, only to be replaced by an incinerator…which would join an existing oil refinery…and an existing sewage treatment plant…and the Interstate highway…and a freight yard for trucks. I love my neighborhood, but I also love my lungs. Hopefully, I won’t have to choose between the two.


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