Get Fuzzy (3/12/11)

Two days ago, a clean, friendly, litter box-trained kitten followed my wife home and stood at the back door until we let him in. He whimpered, whined, meowed, rolled around on the ground, and made it clear that he was both cold and hungry. It didn’t take long for us to buckle and open the door. That was a mistake. As soon as this new cat darted into the house, our old cat bounded after him, his dander having shot up to 11. Out cat hissed, growled, and did his best to intimidate the intruder. Within seconds, we ushered the confused kitten out to the garage, gave him some food, a blanket, and a makeshift litter box, and assured him we would look for his owners. We’d love to keep him, but apparently our cat won’t allow it.


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