Arlo & Janis (4/25/11)

My cat is getting up there in years (15 to be exact), and he’s having trouble jumping up on the bed. Every once in a while, he leaps from the floor in the dark, fails to grab hold of anything with his claws, and then tumbles back to the hardwood with a giant thud. Every time he does this, I laugh. Then, of course, I feel bad about laughing, lean over to scoop him up, and sit him down at the edge of the mattress. In recent weeks, he’s started to take stock of his declining abilities, and has taken to using a small chest at the foot of the bed so he won’t have to jump so high. My wife wants to get him a set of kitty stairs to make the trek even easier for him, but I can’t support that. Our cat still knows how to jump, and the more he does it, the better he’ll be at it. Maybe if we left a piece of steak on the blanket…


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One Response to “Arlo & Janis (4/25/11)”

  1. Nancy McNeal Says:

    Our cat is also 15 and we bought her stairs but she was unimpressed and still jumps up. I really liked the followup cartoon of Arlo trying to leap up on the roof!

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