Dennis the Menace (5/4/11)

After graduating from high school, I took two years off in order to find myself. Fortunately, those years were spent at an inexpensive state school where I made friends, performed in plays, and racked up general education credits that I took with me when I transferred to film school. Sure, I spent my time riding the train to and from my parents’ house instead of riding the Eurostar from Paris to London. I studied at a concrete urban campus instead of at a perfectly preserved set of Mayan ruins. And I waited patiently for my 21st birthday in America instead of celebrating my landing in Australia with a pint or two of Foster’s. (What is the drinking age in Australia? Eighteen? Fourteen? Twelve?) But even though they might not have been glamorous, my first two years of college were a blast; a carefree, inexpensive blast.


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