Pardon My Planet (5/5/11)

I’m not buying this guy’s story – not in the least. Why would he utter the words “visiting Jennifer Aniston” in a noisy recruiting office? If a recruiter asked him what kind of job he was looking for, would he say “visiting Jennifer Aniston?” It doesn’t make sense. There is no job that lists, among its primary responsibilities, checking up on Rachel from Friends. (Okay, maybe Personal Assistant, but if you’re applying for that job, you’re showing up at Ms. Aniston’s house to work.) But let’s be charitable and say this reluctant soldier was making a funny, or engaging in a bit of harmless fantasy. His statement still doesn’t make sense. If this guy could get paid to do anything he wanted, he’s telling us he would choose “visiting Jennifer Aniston?” That’s what he would want to do? Visit her? Come on, buddy. Pick another verb.


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