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I grew up during the 1980’s – a golden age of newspaper comics when readers enjoyed new installments of Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and Bloom County on a daily basis. And while those strips have gone gently into that good night, the comics page remains a vibrant place with a large number of good strips to enjoy.

The goal of this blog is to find one worthwhile, interesting strip per day and post it for general enjoyment – with a few observations from me. Hopefully it can be a place for casual comics fans to enjoy good strips without having to wade through Dick Tracy and Mary Worth.

As a side note, these strips are taken from the comics pages of the “Chicago Tribune” and the “Chicago Sun-Times,” with a handful of Comics.com strips thrown in for good measure. For a complete list of strips I read on a daily basis, check out “My Daily Reading Material” in the sidebar.


18 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. Pam Says:

    I am looking for a comic that used to run daily in the Chicago Tribune.
    I was usually only 1 square (not an entire strip)
    The one I remember most was called
    ‘Mayonnaise goes bad”
    It was the inside of a refrigerator with a jar of mayonnaise
    holding a gun to the other condiments in the refrigerator.

    Can you tell me how to find it?
    Thanks, Pam

  2. Dixon Galvez-Searle Says:

    I wouldn’t normally respond to a request like this as it’s hard to remember individual strips that I don’t archive. However, the description here struck me as something out of The Far Side and a quick Google search confirmed that the “potato salad goes bad” strip was penned by the brilliant Gary Larson:

    For those looking to delve a little more deeply into The Far Side, there is a terrific book called “The Prehistory of the Far Side” with a number of essays, unpublished strips and greatest hits (according to Larson). Check it out here:


  3. Jeff Says:

    You should include ‘Moderately Confused’ in your daily reads from comics.com

  4. JoAnn Stehly Says:

    Did you see Dennis the Menace, 9/8/10 with the “pictures” (not comic faces) of two little girls on either side of Dennis? It almost seemed like it was a tribute to someone. Any word on this? I checked the Dennis the Menace website for info – but there isn’t even a contact email. Thanks.

    (Please do not publish my last name.)

  5. Dan Says:

    I am looking for a Flying McCoy cartoon which was a golf show showing a guy watching a tv show of a golf pro playing golf. It was hilarious! Pls need when it was published as I’d like to see it again. Many thks, Dan

  6. JV Says:

    Hi Dixon. Thanks for your blog and I’ve actually added your blog link to my list of a dozen comics that I pop up in a window for my daily funnies. Anyway, two lesser known that I like and not on your list, suggest you try out, if you haven’t already – give it your 2-week trial — are Rabbits Against Magic, and The Grizzwells. Here’s a daily link:

  7. Keith Ellis Says:

    http://www.frogbo.com. Here’s a webcomic that’s actually funny.

  8. bodie Says:

    Do you have a copy of “Hagar the Horrible” when we was stand on a mountain fasting and praying and in the last frame God’s voice breaks out of heaven and says “That’s not my mountain”?


  9. Gloria McDonald Says:


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