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Italian Comic (4/3/10)

April 3, 2010

Italy Day Twelve: Woke up at 6:30am; showered in the hotel’s shared bathroom; tried to check out of the hotel, but didn’t see anyone at the front desk; left the room keys on the night stand and resolved to call the hotel later; took an early morning Metro to the Termini train station; took a commuter train to the airport; rode three separate shuttle buses; made fun of the Sky Mall catalog; landed in Chicago at 3:00am Rome time; slept.


Italian Comic (4/2/10)

April 2, 2010

Italy Day Eleven: Ate the jellied parts of a pre-packaged croissant so my wife could enjoy the dry parts; was identified as an English speaker by a complete stranger; stood in an unusually short line at the Vatican Museum (short for Good Friday, at least); saw the Sistine Chapel and was astonished to think that it was all painted by one man; ate tremendous steak; bought a Duff Beer sweatshirt; smelled the pleasant incense of an open-air religious ceremony.

Italian Comic (4/1/10)

April 1, 2010

Italy Day Ten: Bought a large bottle of wine from the local wine shop; checked out of the hotel; took the train to Rome; bought a newspaper with a soccer-related comic on the front page; checked into the hotel; noticed how much the temperature dropped in the shade (this does not happen in Chicago thanks to an ever-present layer of humidity); saw a feral cat darting along the ruins inside the Colosseum; stopped in front of a Vespa store.

Italian Comic (3/31/10)

March 31, 2010

Italy Day Nine: Bought a messenger bag inscribed with the name Max Power; walked through Piazzetta San Marco in the sunshine; saw a drawing of a room whose walls resembled comic strip panels; took in a glass blowing demonstration at the Murano glass factory; admired the many-colored houses of the island of Burano; strolled through the nearly deserted island of Torcello; rode a boat back to Venice in the rain; ate a delicious sea bass.

Italian Comic (3/30/10)

March 30, 2010

Italy Day Eight: Woke up just as the hotel stopped serving breakfast; read a book on the patio; bought a Venetian mask; listened to a merchant extol the virtues of genuine Murano glass (as opposed to cheap Chinese knock-offs); bought a genuine Murano vase; walked through Piazzetta San Marco in the rain; took a water taxi in lieu of a gondola; brought pizza and wine back to the hotel room for an AWESOME dinner.

Italian Comic (3/29/10)

March 29, 2010

Italy Day Seven: Failed to rub the nose of the Porcellino (piglet) statue for good luck; found a picture of the statue on Wikipedia and rubbed the touchscreen instead; checked out of the hotel; took the train to Venice; checked into the hotel; crossed the Rialto Bridge; confirmed with a shopkeeper that Italian newspapers do not carry comics; snapped a photo of an underground comics-style poster; ate polenta and was underwhelmed.

Italian Comic (3/28/10)

March 28, 2010

Italy Day Six: Washed clothes at the laundromat; folded clothes at the hotel, only to find that two pairs of boxer shorts were missing; bought a Sunday newspaper, only to find that it contained no comics whatsoever; saw the Duomo from the inside; went on a bicycle tour of Florence; saw drawings of suggested facades for the plain-faced Church of Santo Spirito; found both pairs of boxer shorts while walking back to the hotel.