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Love Is (5/11/11)

May 11, 2011

Forgive me for repeating the caption of today’s Love Is, but I find it to be so unbelievable that I have to see it twice in order to make sense of it. “Love is…the way you wear your hat.” Huh? Love may be the way someone else wears her hat, and the amorous feelings it inspires in you (if that’s what you’re into) but love is definitely not the way you wear your hat. What about those of us who don’t wear hats? Are we doomed to live lonely, loveless lives, consoled only by the fact that our hair flows freely in the wind? No, I’m afraid this strip has it all wrong. Consider: I love my wife very much, and she loves me equally as much, but I’m not wearing a damn thing on my head.


Love Is (1/7/09)

January 7, 2009


I’m posting this strip because it’s the first installment of Love Is that didn’t make me (a) cringe, (b) roll my eyes or (c) yawn. I think Homer Simpson put it best when he defined Love Is as a comic strip, “about two naked eight-year-olds who are married.” Today’s strip features one of those eight-year-olds mourning the absence of her companion by chasing after that elusive shadow called love. It’s an elegant concept, especially considering that the two characters in this strip usually appear together.