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On a Claire Day (11/19/09)

November 19, 2009

This strip raises a good point. I’m not sure what fashion moguls are thinking, designing clothes that can reasonably fit little boys and then marketing them to grown women. Firing size four models for being “overweight.” Photoshopping magazine ads in an effort to make skin and bones seem attractive. It’s obviously gotten in the head of the woman in this strip, who complains of her “waist flab” despite being as thin as any character on the comics page. The whole scene makes me happy to be a male clothes shopper. Not only have I identified some favorite brands of shirts, pants, socks, etc, but it’s socially acceptable for me to refresh my wardrobe on a pretty infrequent basis.


On a Claire Day (5/12/08)

May 12, 2008

I’m something of a daydreamer myself, so I can identify with the woman in this strip. Just because a person is sitting down and staring out into space doesn’t mean he’s not being productive. He could be thinking up brilliant ideas, especially if he’s surrounded by a stack of books.