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Peanuts (7/17/10)

July 17, 2010

It’s been years since new Peanuts strips have been available for syndication, but that hasn’t stopped newspapers from running the old ones. For more than a decade, Peanuts has opened up its massive archives for editors who just can’t give up the ghost. This year, newspapers have printed strips from 1963 and, as you might expect, the seasons and even the major holidays have lined up nicely. But this week’s strips are downright spooky in the way they conform to present-day events. Last Saturday, a total solar eclipse was visible across the South Pacific. This rare event was followed by a week of eclipse-themed strips from the early 1960s. Uncanny, right?


PeanutsĀ (6/6/10)

June 6, 2010

I’m breaking one of my cardinal rules by posting a Peanuts strip to this site. It’s not that I dislike Peanuts, it’s just that Charles Schulz has been dead since 2000 and no new strips have run since then. If I wanted to catch up with Snoopy and Charlie Brown, I would have ample opportunity to do so online, or in any of the dozens of published collections. The newspaper, I firmly believe, should be reserved for new strips drawn by living cartoonists…That said, today’s rerun of Peanuts caught my attention by reminding me of the anniversary of D-Day. Usually there are tributes leading up to June 6, but I don’t recall seeing any this year. Leave it to a deceased cartoonist, who was whisked away on a troop train himself shortly after his mother’s death, to remind me of the solemn occasion.