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Political Cartoon (3/11/11)

March 11, 2011

Although most of the national attention has been focused on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker these last few weeks, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has been no less controversial. Earlier this year, Quinn signed a bill that raised the state’s income tax from 3% to 5%, and just this week he signed another bill that abolished the state’s death penalty. I’m not particularly worked up about either of these bills, but my fellow Illinoisans are nothing short of livid. Quinn won a narrow victory last November by running up big totals in Chicago and Cook County, and then proceeded to pass significant legislation. What do voters in the 102 counties outside of Cook think of that? Well, they’re not happy. It saddens me to think that millions of people in my state look upon my city with disgust, but that does seem to be the case.


Political Cartoon (3/22/10)

March 22, 2010

I don’t post political cartoons to this site; not because I don’t like them, but because they’re so different from the strips that populate the funny pages. But today I’m making an exception. It seems like everywhere I go this morning, people are talking about the health care bill that passed the House of Representatives last night. This cartoon from Tom Toles seems to articulate the passions of partisans on both sides without casting judgment on either. That’s a pretty impressive achievement. But try as I might, I can’t bring myself to identify with either of the “parents” in this strip. I didn’t read the newspaper this morning and think, “Finally, we live in a country that provides affordable, quality medical care to all its citizens,” nor did I say to myself, “This bloated, corrupt bill will bankrupt our country and lead us down a slippery slope toward socialized medicine.” I’m nominally encouraged that the legislation passed, but I’m still waiting to see how it plays out in real life. I suppose I’ll have a better idea of its impact next year, when open enrollment comes around again.