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Pooch Cafe (5/20/11)

May 20, 2011

To recap this strip: a pup is baptized in the name of the master, the dog, and the holy biscuit; he chases a mailman across a darkened field; he juggles three squirrels; and finally, he begs for pizza. What I’m wondering is whether panels two and three represent some kind of surreal religious experience. When this mutt is submerged in water, is he overcome by some kind of trippy canine spirituality? Or does he emerge from the water with such a high that he chases a pack of squirrels, catches three of them by their bushy tails, and commences juggling? I’m partial to the trippy visions scenario, but either option would be awesome.


Pooch Cafe (4/30/11)

April 30, 2011

This guy’s brain might be fine, but…what in the world happened to his mouth? He’s got skin above the chin, but no opening through which he might shovel food. At first, I thought panel one was a drawing error, but then I took a closer look at panels three and four and…this fellow has no mouth. He had a mouth in previous strips, and he may yet have a mouth in future strips, but as of today he’s all face.

Pooch Cafe (2/14/11)

February 14, 2011

My wife and I have six chairs at our kitchen table, four of which are usually unoccupied. Correction: three of which are usually unoccupied. Our cat has a tendency to leap into one of the empty chairs, and who can blame him? My wife, after all, has developed a habit of giving him small morsels of food off her plate. Steak? Just a small slice. Chicken? Perhaps a few tiny shreds. Fish? The flakier, the better. When he doesn’t get food, he stares at her with a wide-eyed, pathetic expression. When that doesn’t work, he starts to paw at her plate. Yes, human food can be yummy, but pets need to understand that it’s not for them, at least not all the time.

Pooch Cafe (2/6/11)

February 6, 2011

Maybe I’m jinxing it, but I think my cat has finally come to terms with his new feeding schedule. Two weeks ago, my wife brought him to the vet and was told that he needed to eat different food in order to regulate his digestive system. He also needed to eat less food, which has become a major point of contention. Every night for the last two weeks, he’s meowed, scratched, clawed, complained, eaten plants, gnawed on cords, and chewed holes in plastic grocery bags. But he hasn’t been fed until 7:00am. Last night, he finally got quiet. I don’t know if he’s resigned to his new regimen, but I’m hopeful that he’s learned the futility of his midnight caterwauling.

Pooch Cafe (1/15/11)

January 15, 2011

My wife and I brought our cat to the vet this morning for a checkup and ended up spending three hours in the waiting room (and at a nearby diner) while a team of doctors attended to him. Our cat is something of an old man and, as such, his medical needs are greater than those of a kitten. What was supposed to be a routine visit (check the ears, administer the shots) turned out to be an unexpected ordeal (conduct x-rays, draw blood). Needless to say, the whole thing cost 10 times more than we were expecting. Also needless to say, it was totally and completely worth it.

Pooch Cafe (10/7/10)

October 7, 2010

Dogs have it good when it comes to waste management, but I’m not sure they have it better than humans. People have erected massive sewer systems to deal with their waste products, and that’s only the beginning. We’ve also built elaborate bathrooms, designed luxurious toilets, and engineered entire lines of products, from toilet paper to laxatives, to aid in the process of “going.” What do dogs get? They get to wait all day until someone comes home from work to let them outside, on a leash. Yes, that person picks up after them, but it’s not worth the trade-offs, if you ask me.

Pooch Cafe (8/15/10)

August 15, 2010

Props to Pooch Cafe for upping the icky quotient in today’s strip. It would have been easy to populate the menu board with garden-variety stomach turners, but it wouldn’t have been very imaginative. If the list of flavors had stopped after the first row, we wouldn’t have encountered the sickening “cigar butts,” the appetite-killing “soggy surprise,” or the downright clever “homework.” I’m surprised there’s no “vomit” flavor, though, since like it or not, up-chuck tends to be a staple of the doggy diet.