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Single and Looking (6/21/08)

June 21, 2008

A fond farewell to the comic strip Single and Looking, which publishes its final installment tomorrow. While it wasn’t always laugh out loud funny, the strip did have its charm and the drawing style was eye-catching. I’m not sure why cartoonist Matt Janz decided to call it quits, but I do appreciate his parting sentiment. If only some of the older, more established  strips would follow suit by making graceful exits of their own.


Single and Looking (4/27/08)

April 27, 2008

I have to quibble with the use of the word “clean” in this strip, since I’ve never heard a woman use it to describe her date preparation. “Getting pretty,” yes. “Getting ready,” yes. “Getting clean,” never. It sounds like a term you’d use when washing mud off a rambunctious eight-year-old. Still, I have to admire the rendering of the filthy kitchen, including what appear to be oven mitts stuffed into the dishwasher and frozen pizzas crammed into the sink.