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Strange Brew (3/22/11)

March 22, 2011

Yesterday, my wife and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary. We spent the morning running romantic errands like picking up the dry cleaning and bringing the car into the shop. Then I went for a quick afternoon run while she completed a few tasks for work. But then we slipped into our fanciest duds (a suit and tie for me, a lovely dress for her) and drove to a tapas restaurant for dinner. We ate everything from scallops and shrimp to steak and potatoes, and topped it off with a molten chocolate cake. The food was delicious, and the company was pretty spectacular, too. And yes, I did remember to wear socks to the table.


Strange Brew (2/10/11)

February 10, 2011

As much as I believe in education, I also think there are limits to the amount of post-secondary schooling one needs in order to prepare oneself for the job market. That’s why, when I have kids I’ll encourage them to attend college with an eye toward gaining full employment. To put a fine point on it, I’ll give them until the age of 25 to complete their undergraduate degree, find a job, and move out of the house. When I graduated from college, I was surprised by the number of people who asked me if I was going to grad school. Unless they’re studying to be doctors, my kids won’t be fielding any such questions, at least not from me.

Strange Brew (8/2/10)

August 2, 2010

I make it a point to wake up every (weekday) morning at 6:00 so I can exercise. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I go for a run outside. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I lift weights. I’ve been pretty good about this schedule, which is why I was so disappointed in myself yesterday. What happened? Well, my alarm rang at 6:00. Then it rang some more. Then it gave up of its own volition. When I finally opened my eyes at 7:00, it was with the sour knowledge that I had missed an opportunity to run. As tired as I may have been earlier, it was not a good feeling.

Strange Brew (6/17/10)

June 17, 2010

As a homeowner, I’m tasked with doing yardwork on a regular basis. Every other week, I venture out into the backyard and tidy up the place to the best of my ability. This involves standard things like clipping the hedges and sweeping the patio, which don’t upset me in the least. What does upset me, however, is the ridiculous volume of weeds growing between the cracks in my red stone path. I’ve been so bothered by these pathway pests that I’ve practically neglected the crabgrass that’s sprouted up at the edge of my lawn. That crabgrass seems so secure, in fact, that I wouldn’t be surprised to find small cottages springing up around it. (Lovely views! Perennial shade! Not going to be removed any time soon!)

Strange Brew (5/8/10)

May 8, 2010

Ah yes, this would be a reference to the KFC Double-Down, a recently launched “sandwich” that critics have pointed to as proof of the decline of western civilization. I’m no fan of the concoction (which squeezes bacon, cheese, and a mystery sauce between two pieces of fried chicken, sans bun) but my objections have nothing to do with fat content. They’re more along the lines of, “Where’s the bread?” Virtually every country on earth has something approximating bread as a staple of its diet. To remove this key ingredient from a sandwich seems…well…just wrong.