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Dilbert (2/22/11)

February 22, 2011

Whenever someone uses the words “cease” and “desist” in the same sentence, I get a little nervous. Whenever they add the words “cartoonist,” “intellectual,” and “property,” I get downright anxious. And whenever they throw in references to “WordPress,” I start to worry about the future of my own online hobby, The Daily Funnies. Will a cartoonist demand that my blog be taken down, as was the case with the Funky Winkerbean send-up Son of Stuck Funky? Or will the fact that I post a different comic every day protect me from this fate, as it apparently has with The Comics Curmudgeon?

I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t speak to the intricacies of copyright law. All I can speak to are my intentions. Hopefully the following will convince cartoonists and syndicates that I’m acting in good faith:

  • The purpose of this blog is to highlight comic strips that I enjoy, and to serve as an archive of comic strips from years past. My hope is that a reader encountering 2011 strips in, say, 2031, will experience the same thrill I do when glancing at the comics page of a decades-old newspaper.
  • The purpose of this blog is not to rob cartoonists of newspaper clients, book purchases, or page views. On the contrary, it is to inspire an appreciation of the depth and quality of the contemporary comics scene. Hopefully that will result in more money for cartoonists, not less.
  • I have no commercial interest in this blog. I do not sell advertising or link to merchandise, nor do I intend to. If I ever get around to writing a novel, I may post a link so interested readers can purchase it, but that would require me getting off my lazy butt, so don’t hold your breath.
  • I respect the rights of cartoonists to retain control over their creations. If any cartoonist does not want their comic strip to be featured on this blog, I will be more than happy to remove it. Simply send an e-mail to and ask that your comic be removed.
  • If, on the other hand, a cartoonist wants me to include their comic as part of my daily reading material, they should feel free to hit me up at the same e-mail address,
  • Finally, please don’t sue me. I come to this project as a hobbyist who loves comics and hopes to inspire a deeper appreciation of them. I don’t consider this blog to be a violation of copyright law, and can only hope that others agree with my assessment.

There you have it. Thankfully, no cartoonists or syndicates (or lawyers representing cartoonists or syndicates) have told me to stop reproducing comic strips. Hopefully, they won’t start now.