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Grand Avenue (5/31/11)

May 31, 2011

When I first started this blog, I imagined a decades-long project that would amass thousands of comic strips for casual fans (along with a bit of rambling from yours truly). I thought such an archive would be pretty impressive 50 years from now. Well, it turns out I’m not going to make it to the 50-year mark, since today’s entry will be my last. There will be no entry for June 1, 2058, because there will be no entry for June 1, 2011.

Why am I ending this blog? Let me count the ways:

  • I’m repeating myself. After three years of reading (mostly) the same comics, and expounding on (mostly) the same themes, The Daily Funnies is starting to get stale. How many times can I write about my cat?
  • Writing about other people’s work is not rewarding. I enjoy most of the comic strips I read, and I adore a handful of them, but using those strips as a springboard has not proven satisfying in the long-run.
  • I’ve started writing a novel; a task that is time-consuming and deserves my full attention. Also, writing an original work of fiction has sapped my desire to write inherently less creative blog entries.
  • I’ve started reading books, as opposed to newspapers. It’s become harder and harder for me to read two full comics sections a day, especially when my nose is buried in a paperback.
  • I still love comics, but I now prefer reading them in book form. I’m also increasingly drawn to graphic novels and web comics, neither of which fit neatly within The Daily Funnies.

Put simply, I’ve developed other interests that supersede this blog. I enjoy writing on a daily basis, so I may start a more manageable blog in the future (haiku, anyone?) but for now, I’m calling it quits. Of course, the Daily Funnies archive will remain online as long as WordPress stays in business, so if you feel like checking out old entries, please do. And to everyone who read this site over the past three years, my sincere and heartfelt thanks.