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Zack HillĀ (9/10/08)

September 10, 2008

As a pet owner, I have the distinct impression that this type of behavior is more common in cats than it is in dogs. Although the evidence is only anecdotal, I’ve known several people whose cats have killed wild animals (bunnies, birds, etc.) and left the remains behind for them as “gifts.” I’ve never been the recipient of that type of largesse, but that’s only because my cats never went outside. Thankfully, my current cat is 12 years old and only chases after dust bunnies and cloth mice containing catnip.


Zack Hill (8/11/08)

August 11, 2008

Misunderstandings are one of the hallmarks of comedy, but misunderstandings that involve a dog huddling underneath a patchwork quilt? That’s taking it to a whole new level. I thought this strip was adorable, if only because I’m a big fan of the dog in Zack Hill. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he has more personality than any of the human characters.

Zack Hill (6/18/08)

June 18, 2008

I’d love to know why the dog on the left is sporting such a wide-eyed expression. It could be his friend’s cautionary ice cream tale, although that seems unlikely. It could also be the image of a dog’s head trapped in an Elizabethan collar, which seems more plausible. But my favorite interpretation is that the dog on the right is extraordinarily loud, and is using his medical collar as something of a bullhorn. Rock on, little doggie, rock on.

Zack Hill (2/15/08)

February 15, 2008


I’ve always thought of Zack Hill as a poorly drawn strip, but I will admit some affection for the character of Cagney the dog. While the humans in Zack Hill are painfully dull, Cagney is genuinely expressive at times. And maybe it’s the puppy dog eyes in panel two that have me in a forgiving mood, but I think the background shading adds a nice touch. It reminds me of the dingy shadows that hung omnipresent in old gangster movies.